We are medScale+!

The medScale+ team is a group of professionals with decades of experience across the medical, technology, and logistics industries. After seeing companies struggle to effectively manage risks at a global level and hearing the frustration involved, we came together to create a solution that will improve operations, reduce risk, and ultimately save lives.

Our company is truly global, with offices around the world including the US, UK, Greece, India, Singapore and Australia. It takes a global team to understand global business challenges, and more importantly to solve for them in a practical way. We look forward to seeing how our solutions can add process and efficiency to your business.


Our Mission

The medScale+ team is committed to bringing increased risk management capabilities to remote business operations around the globe. We know that visibility into offsite locations can be a challenge especially when it comes to unforeseen incidents and dynamically changing conditions. We can help.

It is our belief that the key to managing this most effectively requires the application of technology solutions. We achieve this by overlaying intuitive controls on top of powerful technology and placing it in the hands of our users. Keeping your facilities properly stocked with medical equipment can literally save lives. However, this can be a difficult feat due to the logistics of remote working locations and barriers to transparency. Our solution adds accountability, transparency, and security to the process which not only benefits management but also frees up workers’ time to spend on more urgent matters. 

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?