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medScale+ is a leading virtual medical inventory stock manager. With many years of experience, we are here to serve you. Take no risks when complying with mandatory regulations, managing medical chests, medical inventory, oxygen, and flag certifications. Using technological tools, we provide all the above with constant support from our team and thus reduce the risk of mistakes.

Being compliant with the local regulation authorities helps your business to be efficient and reduce the costs of the legal risks that might be a result of an incident on your workplace. It also helps you build a trust from your business to all your employees by providing a safe. working environment.

Our platform helps your business with the needed reports and analysis of your data that will help you lower the financial costs. We are here to provide information related to the virtual stock of your business and help you manage your future expansion by lowering the human error.

Rather than consuming time and human resources to provide daily or weekly audits and holding spreadsheets of data that is a non-efficient way of handling critical information, be focus on your business and let our software manage the rest.

We provide a full medical chest management solution for your business that will ensure that your entire fleet will have the needed medicines based on the local regulation authorities. The build-in reports will help you manage your virtual stock remotely and be on top of any low quantities or expired items for them to be removed by your crew member and a new re-ordering will be placed by your vendors.

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You benefit from our experience and expertise in providing effective solutions to the complex global flag regulations system. Our top priority is your business and through innovation, experience, and knowledge we provide help when it comes to risk and inventory management.

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We know how complex the global supply chain can get. With medScale+ you benefit from our experience and knowledge on how to combat the complexities with the most effective solutions.

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Our team is constantly trained to deliver excellent customer support. Aiming always at the best practical solutions for each one of our customers, our team of passionate experts is always here to satisfy the needs of every business within the most challenging industries we serve.

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Serving our customers is what we love doing. We are always by your side and ready to deliver optimal support experience and the best software solutions, tailored to your needs.